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Already in the beginning of the 21th century, a giant accelerator was constructed in the United States, whose aim was to confirm the supersymmetry which has been predicted theoretically, that is, to find new elementary particles with a very high mass. The scientists were burning with such impatience that in 2006, in the conference in Aguas de Lindoya, in Brasil, the paper of future devoted to this discovery was demonstrated. It was first time in the history of sciences, that a paper was written before of the discovery.

So, the particles were discovered. Moreover, due to discovery of these particles, the new properties of the space-time were found. These properties consisted in an unusual noncommutativity of the coordinates of the space, which allows achieving the superluminal velocities. Thus, the vast possibilities to fly through the space in interstellar distances were opened. The technologies in Earth, to this time, were quite highly developed. The new, super-firm materials, based on thread-like crystals, were invented. It allows construction of the first interstellar spaceship which should travel one year to the vivid planet situated near the Epsilon of Eridan star.
This planet was extremely peculiar. Anything could be seen in this planet only through the filter – the atmosphere there was quite dense, and the temperature was changing with the distance from the planet surface. So due to looking on the object under different angles the color of this object was changing. And, first of all, due to unique property of refraction of light rays due to unusually high noncommutativity of the space, absolutely all objects on the planet have different shapes depending on distance and angle from which they were observed. And the habitants of this planet looked like real monsters, from our point of view! Moreover, they were changing their shapes with different temperature; therefore it was highly problematic for them to acknowledge themselves.
Of course, the habitants of the planet – we must say that this planet was populated by different kinds of intelligent habitants – found the solution. During the evolution, they developed the possibility of telepathic communication, since the transmitting of the ideas was not affected by such strange properties of the space, since the ideas are propagated not due to properties of the space, but due to unified soul of habitants of the planet. However, due to this mental communication, nobody could either lie or hide his real intentions. That is the reason, why the habitants called their planet – Anwe, which can be translated from their language both as “world”, and as “truth”, and as “people”, Of course, they wanted to know whether any other intelligent creatures live in other planets, outside of Anwe.
Since Anwians were communicating via interchange of ideas, they constructed a very strong broadcaster of ideas, with use of which they began to radiate their ideas into the Universe. Of course, they knew the broadcasting of electromagnetic and even of gravitational waves, but it was possible to emit and, which is more important, to receive ideas being at the planet itself, whereas the electromagnetic and gravitational waves were distorted so strongly near the planet, that the information could be broadcasted or received correctly with their use only if stand no less than one hundred kilometers from the surface of the planet. Moreover, the strength of ideas did not decrease with the distance; the only need was the presence of somebody who could acquire them. And, as the civilization of Universe, nearest to Anwe was the civilization of Earth, it is clear, that first telepathic signals from Anwe were received on Earth.

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